Everyone keeps talking about patriotism as if it’s a basic need like air or water or a basic emotion that should have been portrayed in Inside Out.

But patriotism isn’t an emotion. It’s not an instilled value or a feeling of pride in one’s homeland.  Patriotism is a product; like computer chips and tampons.

Patriotism is a way for mediocre companies to get you to buy gaudy t-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers. And then wrap yourself up in a flag and pretend it’s fashionable. It’s the reason a two-hour Navy commercial called American Sniper was nominated for an Oscar. It’s the reason people buy watered-down hard rock from a band called 5 Finger Death Punch.

Patriotism is a way to get people to vote for something they might not agree with by saying it’s for ‘the good of the country.’ Or to get people to suffer some unnecessarily because their country requires it. Or to kill some poor sap who never did anything wrong but feel patriotism for a different country.

It’s a way for people who never contribute anything to society to feel good about themselves. Patriotism is a way to make people who were born in one area feel like they’re superior to people born in another area.

Patriotism is all of this and more. Available for only $19.95



Author: Zack

Associate Degree. Music Lover. Blogger.

6 thoughts on “Patriotism”

  1. The word patriot has been used far too frequently by hate groups to justify their prejudice. I don’t ever use it anymore. I just call myself Canadian and tell people to fuck off if they don’t like my support of people of colour.

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    1. I’ve been trying to be more diplomatic about it, but after run ins with a few twitter trolls I’ll probably be telling a lot of ‘patriots’to go fuck themselves.
      It’s getting tiring.

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      1. I love when they call me a liberal hypocrite. I’m a member of the Conservative party, so it’s fun to throw that back in their face.

        Today’s drama came from a guy who “supports the troops” by peeing on a picture of a Kaepernick jersey. Yup, that’s real support. Pee means support. Sure, I get it.

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      2. That’s like saying taking a knee is disrespectful to the flag. I can think of a lot of things more disrespectful to the flag.
        At least one involves peeing.

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      3. I see it like this. Soldiers didn’t die to defend a flag, or an anthem. I come from a military family, and not all of us agree on this. But I think a flag or an anthem are symbols. Your nation set the world’s standard in democracy and freedom. That’s just history. Canada was modeled after a combination of American and British political traditions, for example. The United States is what those soldiers fought for. Not a flag. The flag symbolizes what you believe in as a nation. It’s the belief that those soldiers fight for.

        Your right to believe in freedom, and to practice it. Your constitution guarantees you a freedom of expression. Soldiers died for you to have that freedom. Use it. Use it or lose it. In North Korea, you don’t have a choice about standing for a flag. Why are we trying to be like that?

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      4. I have no idea why people are like that. Personally, I really enjoy living in a country where I can write blog posts calling the leader of my country a deranged, cry baby, mutant Cheetoh, but everyone has different priorities.

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